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Secure and Insure 

Generally, the most valuable asset to the estate is the property; this is the place they called home and holds the most sentimental items. This makes it crucial to secure and insure a property.

Change all external locks

We will change all external locks to make sure they comply with the Unoccupied Home Insurance policy.

This will make sure our client also has an account for all copies of the keys.

Secure the Property

We will do a thorough check throughout the property to make sure there are no broken windows and doors. If we do locate the above, one of our trained experts will make sure it is either fixed or boarded up to make the whole property secure.

Isolation of all Services

We will make sure we isolate all the services and/or drain down if required.

Isolating the services will reduce the risk of gas leaks and fire hazards.

A water system drain down is the most effective way to eliminate water damage.

In addition we will take a meter reading and pass these to the client so the utility company can provide a final bill.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Our specialist team can arrange Unoccupied Property Insurance for you. This will give you peace of mind that should an unforeseen issue arise, you are covered against any damage.

Insurance Visits

As part of the Unoccupied Property Insurance, weekly visits to the property are required. This is because if anything occurs and causes damage we can notify them as quickly as possible.

Completing weekly inspections also reduces the risk of squatters.

We will keep a record of the date and time we inspect the property.

When we visit the property anything that causes concern will be noted and the client will be notified immediately. If one of our experienced team members can solve the issue on your instruction we will. This will give you peace of mind that when we leave the property it will be safe and secure.

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