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Probate Valuation Services

Car Valuation

PPS provide an accurate and professional car valuation for an assortment of vehicle types. Be it veteran cars to classic motorcycles to luxury boats. We value vehicles for insurance and probate purposes. This can consist of valuing for finance, acquisition, legal reasons and sale, no matter the value. Our service is nationwide and can service single vehicles or an entire collection. No task is too big for us.

Due to the array of factors that need to be examined this valuation process can be complex. These factors include mechanical condition, rarity, external condition and in some cases vehicle colour.

Our independent valuations are accepted by official bodies, such as HMRC for Probate.


Is the probate valuation of a vehicle the same as the valuation of a car from a dealer?

No. Our probate value will be closer to that of a private sale achieved by a willing buyer and seller whereas dealers will ask full retail price.

Can a probate valuation be carried out without visiting to view the vehicle?

Yes. In a lot of cases a valuation can be achieved without seeing the vehicle in person. Instead, we can value the vehicle through extensive photographs and as much information as possible.

Can you value new cars and how do you come to your final figure?

Newer cars are valued upon model, mileage, condition, and national sale prices. We have a lot of contacts who will provide you with an accurate valuation.