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Probate Valuation Services

Stamp Valuation

Probate Property Services have a lot of experience with stamp collections. We have worked on numerous cases where stamps have been valuable aspects of an estate.  It is required by HMRC when valuing an estate that stamp collections are included in the overall chattels evaluation. Our experience with stamps has given us a level of expertise that enables us to provide accurate valuations to be submitted to HMRC for inheritance tax purposes. This service is part of the contents valuation and comes at no extra cost.


Can you value loose stamps?

PPS have the expertise to identify any valuable or rare stamps from a collection, regardless of if they are loose or part of a set.

Can we value a large collection?

Though it may take some time, our expert team will accurately value a stamp collection of any size and rarity.

Can we sell stamps on your behalf?

Yes. We arrange for your stamps to be sold on the best stamp auction venues available. This will allow them to reach their highest value.


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