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Paperwork and Chattels Search

One of our trained and experienced team will visit the property and gather a variety of important paperwork and documents as requested. Each case is different which is why should you wish, we can accommodate by searching for something specific . Every search we complete we will always look for the following:

Sentimental Items, Cash or Collectables

Sentimental items include any jewellery, watches, or photographs located.

The owner of the property may have collected stamps, badges or coins, which our team will make note of  during collection and inform the client.

A Will or Letter of Wishes

If you are unsure whether the deceased left a Will we can search for you. We can also offer a Certainty Will Search; this will help if we can’t locate the Will in the property.

A letter of wishes may also be in the property detailing funeral requests. If you are a council or solicitor this will give you peace of mind when arranging the funeral.

Property Deed & Mortgage Statements

You may want to locate the original deeds if the owner of the property brought the property before 1993 and the Title Deed was never uploaded digitally. If the original deeds are in the property this will save time as you won’t need to complete a first registration for the property.

Mortgage Statements will give you the information you require to obtain a redemption figure from the lender.

Financial Paperwork, Legal Documents and Family Certificates

Maybe the person who passed away had shares and you need to locate the original share certificates. They might also have held an Insurance policy.

We will collect all legal documents pertaining to the home owner such as driving licences, passports, and if applicable, change of name deeds.

Even though you can purchase certificates via the General Register Office, original family certificates may be of personal or sentimental interest.

Post located at the property

We will collect all post in the property including utility bills, national insurance details, and bank statements.

In addition, we will search the property for any old post that may help locate assets.

Vehicle Documents

You may need to sell a vehicle as part of the administration process. Our team will collect any documents or keys relating to any vehicles and send them to the beneficiary.

We also offer a service to collect the car and have it valued for you. We have a company we work closely with who may purchase the vehicle.

All of the items we locate will be removed from the property and our client will be notified. We will store the items in secure storage until further instruction from our client.

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