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Empty Properties

Do you know of an empty property in your area?

empty properties

Do you know of an empty or abandoned property in your area? Empty properties can lead to many problems for the surrounding neighbourhood, including squatters, vandalism and bringing the value of surrounding properties down. Therefore, it is vital to inform companies like us so we can clear the property, pass the estate to the right beneficiaries and in time get the property resurected and back in use.

In most cases the most valuable asset of an estate is the property; this is why it is so important that the probate is handled correctly. PPS have all the experience and knowledge to provide empty property services.

Our services consist of taking on the burden of the empty property and everything that entails. This includes providing accurate valuations and putting the empty property on the market or to auction as well as the whole sale process.

PPS also deal with the property management up until the completion of sale; this includes maximising security, arranging insurance and ensuring the property is fit for viewings. This service is of no cost to the public or legal sector.

Please contact us today if you are neighbouring an empty property or know the location of one. We take any pressure and confusion away from you and ensure all responsibilites are carried out.

Key Services:

  • Trace missing owner(s) of property
  • Sale of empty property
  • Locate next of kin to deceased owners
  • Secure and insure empty property
  • House clearance
  • EPC and property management

If the ownder is deceased, our service is free of charge to the referrer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is an empty property in your area


What is it? – This is any service associated with an empty property. We will clear and value a property as well as put it on the market for members of the public sector.

Why do we do it? – We offer this service to give the public sector an easy solution when they are dealing with a property that is empty.

Do we charge? – No. This service is at no cost to the public sector.

How long does it take? – Each case differs but it can take up to a couple of weeks.

If you require this service please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Moreover, you can follow us on LinkedIn for more news and blogs about how we help the legal sector.

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