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Hoarder House

Feel overwhelmed and want to clear your property but don’t know where to start?

We are the perfect company to get in touch with. We offer a wide range of services and although we specialise in probate clearances.We find 90 percent of the houses we clear are hoarder houses.

What is hoarding?

Compulsive hoarding is the process of accumulating a large collection of items of all varieties no matter how seemingly worthless and irrational it may seem. Generally, hoarding is thought to be the result of a traumatic experience, such as losing a family member. A hoarder often think the items they are collecting may have some value to them in the future no matter how worthless.

There are many reasons why homes become hoarded, there is absolutely no judgement from us! We completely understand and there are many reasons why your home may be cluttered. Firstly, mental health is a huge part of why some homes become hoarded. Life is tough and things can get on top of you to the point where you don’t have the energy to keep on top of cleaning and decluttering your home.

Furthermore, life gets busy, and we can get attached to belongings that we don’t necessarily need which is why we are here to help, we donate to charity on many occasions and therefore the belongings you may no longer use will go to a good home.

Some people would rather spend your time doing other things like seeing your family and friends or possibly travelling and cleaning is just not at the top of your priority list. There is definitely more to life than cleaning every weekend and evening! Lastly, maybe you are frail and find it difficult to keep on top of chores at home. Whatever the situation we are here to help you and support you in the best way possible.

If any of the above applies to you and you would like to give us a call to explain your situation, please contact us on 01843 808483. Please follow us on LinkedIn for more blogs on the probate property sector.