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Deceased Property Clearance 

It can be difficult losing a loved one. We can help with the practicalities…

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    At Probate Property Solutions we can provide you with a house clearance that not only disposes of belongings you no longer want from your loved one’s house, but we also search for all the important paperwork you will require to deal with the estate. We will change the locks for you, so that you have record of all the keys and secure and insure the property to give you peace of mind. Whilst we are at the property, we will also isolate all services. Please contact us today for assistance with your house clearance

    Property Clearance

    We will separate all sentimental and valuable items ready to transport to our client or our secure storage. Anything else left in the property will be disposed of. All recyclable items are processed ethically and in accordance with legislation. Whenever we can, we will donate any unwanted furniture to charity.

    Secure, Insure and Drain Down

    Our specialist team will make sure the property is secure and will send a report through to our team to get the property insured. Whilst clearing the property we will also isolate all the services to stop any damage to the property.

    Chattels and Paperwork Search
    As part of the house clearance, we will search for all important paperwork and personal belongings
    that may be of sentimental value. The paperwork we locate ranges from title deeds and Wills to
    bank statements and vehicle documents.

    Probate Valuation and Administration

    We can provide you with an accurate house and contents valuation which is compliant with HMRC’s requirements. If you require assistance when administering an estate from locating all assets to distributing the funds correctly please contact us