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You may remember the name Jake Mangle-Wurzel who appeared on various TV shows throughout the 80s. Jake gained notoriety for his hoarding habits and the array of quirky and unusual items he stored which even resulted in a documentary. Sadly, Jake passed last year at age 83 after a battle with skin cancer.

Akin with his eccentric nature, Jake selected that he was buried in his garden where all his worldly belongings reside. His friend, Bernard McGuin claimed “He always wanted to be buried in his property”. However, Jakes original plan for his final resting place was even more elaborate. Jake built a tomb at the side of his house and requested that two fingers would be sticking up from the grave. Although, Bernard stated that they were unable to do that.

Unlike most hoarders, Jakes hoarding was not involuntary. It was not a condition or mental illness for Jake. Instead, he viewed his hoarding as an artform and his hoarder house the art. He did not hoard out of habit but instead to aid his collection of eccentric items. Jake would invent his own contraptions and would regularly dumpster dive to find more items.

In his later life Jake moved into a caravan on his property. His house caught fire in 2010 leaving the house completely gutted. Jake claims that he rebuilt his home from scratch but in 2016 another fire broke out relocating him to his caravan which was where stayed for the last 5 years of his life.

Jakes property is up for auction with a price guide of £75,000. This is likely due to the extensive building and refurbishing works needed throughout which was disclosed by Auction Manchester. However, Bernard has stated despite the house currently being “a death trap” and full of jakes hoarded goods, it would still be a lucrative investment.

If you know of an empty or probate property that has been abandoned and needs to be revitalised, please contact PPS.

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