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One stop shop for all your probate property needs

Our Probate property services include but are not limited to;

  • House Clearances
  • Property and Contents valuations
  • Garden Clearance and Maintenance
  • Paperwork and Valuable Chattels Search
  • Securing and Insuring the Property

Are you a legal professional looking for assistance with a probate property? Or are you an executor dealing with an estate and finding it overbearing? Either way at Probate Property Services we are here to offer a one stop specifcally for the legal and public sector. Dealing with probate property can be a confusing and time-consuming task. Our specialist team have years of experience handling  and dealing with estates. PPS’ aim is to provide you with a bespoke service that will give you peace of mind. We can also refer you to the genealogy and administration companies we work with closely. Whether you need assistance locating a missing beneficiary or help administering and distributing the estate we are here to help.

House Clearance

PPS provide a professional and diligent house clearance service nationwide. This service is particularly popular among solicitors and the legal sector but also the general public, clearing properties for those who have passed away where the property is needed for probate. PPS make it our mission to clear and clean to a high standard making the property ready to be sold. Our team are experienced in dealing with Probate Properties and understand the sensitivity of the matter. Therefore, we will send a full report and images to the client after clearance has taken place.

Probate Property Services work with varying legal bodies. Our services are particularly used in cases of bereavment. We have numerous probate administration companies and solicitors use our full house clearance service. House clearance isnt as simple as removing all items from the house so its ready for sale. We diligently work through all items and ensure high value items are kept. From there, we endeavor to sell all high value items to maximise the size of the estate.

Probate Properties

Referring a property of a deceased friend, neighbour or family member

Empty Properties

Referring empty or abandoned properties near you

Hoarder Houses

Full property clearance for hoarder houses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a probate property?

Estates can be both small and large, but its important to ensure they are distributed correctly regardless. Larger estates often include a property making up the bulk of the estates value. A probate property is a property within the deceased’s estate, often their home which they have left behind. The deceased must have owned the property for it to be considered a probate property. Simply renting, or staying in a property they do not own is not considered as such.

A probate property doesn’t just consist of 4 walls and a roof, it often encapsulates the entire property. This includes all the contents inside and any valuables which may be within the house. This may consist of cars, antiques, jewellery and so on.

What happens when a property owner dies?

The deceased will specify a named person to deal with the estate (or the deceased’s next of kin if there is no will). They are responsible for the legal affairs and will often obtain ‘probate’ (where there is a will) or ‘letters of administration’ (no will), which enables them to act as the personal representative. Probate also enables the personal representative to transfer or sell the property.

If you are named executor or you are the Next of Kin it will then become your duty to make sure the property is secured, insured and well maintained while you obtain Probate. To obtain Probate you will need certain valuations and documents in the property which will assist your application i.e. bank statements and policy documents. We provide a service where we can search the property for all the documents you will require.

Does Probate need to be granted before we can sell the property?

Whilst you can market properties before Probate is granted, you cannot sell the Property unless your name is on the deed i.e. you are the deceased’s spouse. Most people advertise the property whilst the application for Probate is going through. The seller must be Granted the Probate before the sale can be completed.

Please read our full list of frequently asked questions here…

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